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Local Business

local business in santa barbara

We Support Local Businesses Because They…

Fuel the local economy.  Research by The New Economics Foundation (NEF) examined the outcome of consumers buying from supermarkets compared to local farmer’s markets or community supported agriculture (CSAs) programs.  NEF found that the amount of money that stayed in the community doubled when people bought locally.

Encourage entrepreneurship.  Entrepreneurship fuels the local growth of the economy through innovation and allows for the growth of the middle class.

Preserve local character.  In our globalizing world, local businesses support and celebrate the unique cultures of their communities by maintaining diversity, promoting local relationships and networks, and maintaining that which is unique and beautiful about their towns.

Are good for the environment.  They buy and sell more local products, minimizing environmental pollution from air, truck, and freight shipping, and they are more likely to locate themselves in the city centers rather than on the outskirts of town, thus limiting urban sprawl and local habitat degradation.

Help to create more jobs.  Small, local businesses are the largest employers in the nation and provide the most jobs within communities. Help us by supporting local business in Santa Barbara.

Leads to lower taxes.  According to Tischler & Associates (economic and fiscal analysts) local businesses generate more tax revenue per sales dollar, puting more money back into our community while puting less of a burden on our resources.

Give you what you want.  Local businesses sell products based upon the values and needs of their community rather than based upon a national sales plan designed to maximize profits at the cost of quality, selection, and local preference.

And, finally, we support local businesses because we love Santa Barbara.  We want to see its character preserved as the community innovates and progresses!

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